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Costi is on to something with this article. Christians should heed these words.
Costi, “What will it matter if we re-assimilate only to end up “socially distant” again not because of a virus, but because of our inability to love others who approach COVID-19 differently than we do?”
Love in Christ,
Pastor Mike

The Myth of Understanding

The Myth of Understanding 
But beyond this, my son, be warned: the writing of many books is endless, and excessive devotion to books is wearying to the body. (Ecclesiastes 12:12)
Information is coming at us at a million miles an hour everyday now. Government officials, international health organizations, doctors, nurses, scientists, statisticians, religious leaders, media pundits, and social media tidal waves of opinions and so-called wisdom. Information overload has officially overwhelmed my mind. What is so perplexing about all this information is it comes from presuppositions and often distorted world views. As people seek to navigate what is true and what is false their own biases keep them from discerning fact from fiction, lies from truth and exaggerations from simple objective truths. At the end of each day as I evaluate all that I have read, seen and heard I am baffled by just how little I real…

2 Thessalonians & Amos

Today we start reading 2 Thessalonians for the month. Along with Amos from the OT minor prophets.

Come read with us. I suggest reading the introduction for the books in the MacArthur study Bible. It will give good background for the historical context. It will help give you the setting for the books.

At some point it would also be good to try to read straight through 1 & 2 Thessalonians to see how the books fit together.

May God give us wisdom and understanding into “Who He is” and “What He has Done” and “what He will do in the future!”

In the comments below maybe you can all give one observational question from your first readings?

Is the Sovereign Sleeping?

Is the Sovereign Sleeping?  Mark 4:35-41

Three _________ of this event that should provoke us to _______ the Lord in difficult times!

I.  The ___________ Setting (35-37)

II.  The ___________Sovereign (38-39)

III.  The ___________Students (40-41)


The __________ Situation

A Special Message from Pastor Stephen Samec
Discipleship Meets Social Distancing: A New Testament Case Study in Distance Discipleship

We are living in unique days, to say the least. Most local churches across the States are not gathering together in person for corporate worship and exposition and prayer and evangelism and baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We find ourselves forced to consider how we should operate as an un-gathered body of believers. 
Believers are responding to this in different ways: sadness, relief (“Finally, a legitimate reason to skip church!”), confusion (“I’m not really sure what I should do), apathy (“Meh, who cares?”), and many others. I do admit that the current quarantine advisements from the White House have provided me with some much-overdue time with my family. I am, however, concerned about the destructive impact this could have on the church. What should be our perspective on the local church right now? What is our responsibility toward believers we can’t me…
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